Jack n' Jill

Jack n’ Jill are a family owned business from Melbourne who have been making 100% safe, fluoride free, SLS free toothpaste and dental products for kids for over 20 years.

Jack N’ Jill’s flagship product is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers and children that is safe to swallow. The range has further expanded to encompass a wide range of products, including the first children’s toothbrush made with a handle made of non-GMO cornstarch, and therefore biodegradable and recyclable.

All Jack n’ Jill natural kids toothpaste packaging is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won’t mind them sitting on their bathroom vanity. Alongside the toothpaste, the children’s toothbrushes are made of cornstarch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable.

Their fun and delicious range of all natural toothpaste in 5 different certified organic flavours makes teeth cleaning fun and easy for kids.

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