Luk Beautifood

Lük Beautifood is a delicious range of Australian made, cruelty free natural sheer lipsticks based on nourishing food grade ingredients. The Lük Beautifood ideal is that all lip products should be carefully crafted using ingredients that are as healthy and nutritious as what we eat, ensuring ultimate glowing health and vitality.

Luk Lip Nourish lipsticks are formulated with hydrating base ingredients such as avocado, sesame and castor seed oils, and incorporate active foods containing anti-ageing antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, skin-loving nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.

They do not contain any synthetic colours or fragrance, instead gaining their delicious flavours from natural citrus, herb and spice oils and beautiful pigments from natural minerals. Luk Beautifood products are all-natural and not tested on animals.

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