Amber Love Ocean Children’s Bracelet/Anklet 14cm


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Each Children’s Bracelet/Anklet is hand-crafted by Baltic amber specialists with generations of experience working with this unique and rare material. Every Baltic Amber Bracelet Anklet features carefully polished and softly rounded Baltic amber beads, which lay comfortably against child’s skin. This allows maximum skin contact and gives added comfort to your child.

This 100% pure genuine Baltic amber bracelet is suitable for boys and girls and can also be worn as an anklet.

The beads on this necklace are made of amber, which is a natural tree resin that has fossilized over many centuries. Found in the Baltic Sea region, it has long been used throughout many European countries in folk medicine for numerous ailments.

Amber Love sources the finest quality amber, sourced from the Baltic region. Each amber bead is individually knotted for quality and safety assurance.

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