Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches – 10 Pack Mixed Colours 130ml


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Use Little Mashies food pouches to store your baby food or to send yoghurt and other squeezable snacks (custard, mousse or smoothies) to school.

Little Mashies are the leading brand of reusable baby food pouches. They are made from the highest quality BPA free components and are fitted with our famous anti-leak ziplock. They are super tough and easy to use!

  • Features of Little Mashies reusable food pouches include:
  • Super strong design for use over and over again. You can feel the high quality of our pouches
  • Easy shape to clean. Being curved means there are no corners or gussets for food to get stuck in
  • Slightly see through background plus parents can see all the way through the pouch via the 11cm wide bottom ziplock
  • Cute, cuddly design which makes meal time fun
  • Wide double ziplock along the bottom of the pouch for easy filling, 11cm and with anti-leak technology
  • Soft mouldable plastic that is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free & Lead Free
  • Large cap to reduce the risk of choking (plus all store bought pouch caps and pouch spoons fit Little Mashies)
  • Wide bottom opening to make drying the pouch a breeze – 140mls (best filled to 110mls)
  • Not recommended for microwave use
  • Dishwasher safe and Freezable


To fill, unzip the bottom of the pouch, fill and zip closed. Unscrew the lid at the top and either you or your child can squeeze out the contents.

To clean, rinse in warm soapy water and then use a bottle brush to clean. There’s no pointy corners, all the edges inside are curved and the food runs straight out. Once you get the hang of it, they can be cleaned in around 20 seconds.

To dry, pop a whisk or a spoon in a glass and then pop the pouch over it to dry.

Little Mashies can be steam steralised or with liquid and tablet steralasers commonly used for baby bottles. Do not boil them. They can be used for warm food, but putting food too hot in them will decrease the life of the pouch.


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