PATCH Organic Strips – Natural – 25 Pack


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PATCH Organic Strips are the all natural wound care alternative, crafted with 100% organic Bamboo fibre to promote wound recovery for the most sensitive skin types.

PATCH is easily bendable on your skin and contains un-activated organic Bamboo gauze, that acts as an oxygen agent to assist with drawing out infections, is powerfully insulating, and a natural antibacterial agent. This nude colour is for those who like to keep it simple, subtle and natural.

PATCH strips are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Thimerosal free, Merthiolate free, Latex Free. Not tested on animals and Vegan.


PATCH wound care strips are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Made with soft, organic bamboo fabric and gauze with hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). Our PSA formulation is made from a combination of natural minerals and Nano technology (think tiny suction cups) to gently adhere to the skin without causing reactions.

They are perfectly crafted for all sensitive skin types. PATCH NATURAL easily contours the skin for maximum comfort and protection. Our natural range contains certified organic bamboo gauze, that acts as an oxygen agent to assist with the skins natural healing process.


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